4 Things To Check Before Buying Tires For Sale In The Philippines

Expenses are always a problem in everyone’s life. We normally want to same money as much as we can whenever we are buying anything. This is why we always look for the word SALE wherever we go. All these various expenses also include tires. Whether a car owner wants to buy second-hand tires or brand new tires he or she will be more likely to buy tires for sale. Many manufacturers offer new and second-hand tires for sale in the Philippines at an affordable price, which comes with good quality. This is a good opportunity to grab some good tires for your car. If you are considering buying tires for sale, you need to look into several factors so that you can make sure you are not compromising on the quality.

Know The Age Of The Tire

Whether you are buying new tires or second-hand tires, before buying, must check the age of the tire. The manufacturing date is always stamped at the sidewalls. There you will see that will be four digits longer than the others. These extra digits provide with the manufacturing date of the tires. For example, if it shows 1218, it means 12th week of 2018. You should not buy a tire that is older than 5 years. Sometimes, it happens that even though it has not been used before, but it could be that the tire has been stored in the storage for a few years.

Size Of The Tires

Uneven Tire

Checking the size of the tire is very important for your vehicle. Check that these tires for sale fit perfectly with your car. If you want to replace one or two tires, make sure the used tires match with the original tires. The uneven tire can lose stability while driving and can cause an accident on the road.

Tread Depth Of The Tires

tread depth

Make sure you measure the tread depth of the tire. You can do the test with a coin. Put the coin upside-down into the tires groves. If you can see the coin head, that means the tire is bald. You should reject the tire. Try to do this all of the four tires. Even if it’s a new tire, there is no harm in checking the tread depth.

Price Of The Tire

Checking out the tires price is important. Sometimes, even tires for sale can ultimately cost you more. The age of the tire and its depth will tell you how long the tire will last. See if you save money buying used tires compared to the new one. Then see the money you are saving by buying them on sale and in the long run how much it is going to save your expenses.

Some good quality stores provide tires for sale in Philippines. But while buying them keep these points in mind.

8 T-Shirt Design Ideas To Print From Your T-Shirt Printing Machine

Heat Press Printing Business is the new deal now. Many people are choosing heat press business as their source of extra income. While there’s a strategy called print-on-demand, it surely doesn’t benefit in the way it should, because you get fewer sales, as customers cannot view any new product, and if they don’t view, they simply don’t consider buying anything.
So, without wasting your precious time, let’s provide you with some cool T-shirt designs that you can conveniently print from a good T-shirt printing machine.

1. Now that’s what I call a unique design! It reminds me of Justin Timberlake’s song, “Suit and Tie”, don’t worry I wouldn’t dare to jot down the lyrics here!



2. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”! Well, starry night is beautiful but we are so busy with our work that we don’t get the luxury of counting stars. Hmm, seems like your customers are going to appreciate this T-shirt, so do give this design a try.


3. Cheesy but cute! This couple T-shirt design is a must-try, as we all know how much lovers are gaga over personalized couple T-shirts, so consider making such designs.

FB 3

4. Cheers to people who would rather solve mathematical equations than go out for a night out. Well, what you think? Won’t this T-shirt design be perfect for such disciplined souls?


5. “ I just wanna be part of your symphony, Will you hold me tight and not let go?” Okay, I just zoned out for a while, (the above lines are lyrics of Zara Larsson’s song, Symphony) but hey, how about this T-shirt design of an emoticon singing and dancing?


6. Hello, femme fatale! You know what, this type of T-shirt designs are gaining the attention of many girls so you won’t be disappointed including them in your business.


7. Abracadabra! You can try this magical T-shirt design as well.

FB 7

8. How about this one? I’m sure your customers will flock outside your doorstep to get this T-shirt printed design, as a majority of millennials are in urgent need of this T-shirt.


That’s all for now! If you want to attract customers to your heat press printing business, you’ve got to try these cool designs as shown in the blog. Also, I would suggest you invest in a top-quality T-shirt printing machine and printer, as good designs make customers happy, and a happy customer leads to more orders!

This Halloween, Create The Most Terrifying Music With These Instruments

It is that time of the year again which we Filipinos wait for eagerly. Yes, its Halloween. Filipinos are no less when it comes to celebrating Halloween and the spookiness in the celebration. The Philippines is famous for its music and famous musicians all across the globe. This Halloween, let’s check with the best musical instrument supplier in the Philippines about the most terrifying sounds produced by the following musical instruments. Get hold of one or more of these to create some exciting spooky music.

The Waterphone – The waterphone is the most popular and rocking percussion instrument that produces the shrill metallic sound. The name comes from the inventor, Richard Waters and yes it does have water in it. This instrument is characterized by the unique vibrato and is similar to the language of whales and dolphins. This music can be heard in crouching tiger, hidden dragon, and the other alien forces. It sounds creepy and cool at the same time.

waterphone f

The Theremin – The theremin is an early electronic musical instrument which was originated in Russia and got patented in 1928 by Leon Theremin. The most interesting part is that this is the only musical instrument that is played with no physical contact whatsoever. It is used to produce sounds like ghosts, aliens, and other haunting melodic tunes.

Theremin f

The Blaster Beam – The blaster beam is another electronic instrument that seems like an industrial, super-sized and chaotic version of a lap, slide or steel guitar. It measures anywhere from 12 to 18 feet and made up of around 24 piano strings and moveable pick-ups, which can be motorized depending upon the model. It creates a unique bass tone that can feel super sinister, creepy and menacing.

Blaster Beam f

The Ondes Martenot – The ondes martinot was invented in 1928 by Maurice Martenot. This instrument uses oscillators to produce those creepy, wavy notes, especially back in the 1950s and 1960s when the theremin was widely used. It is most well known today for its use in Ghostbusters as far as movies go.

ondes martenot f

The Gravikord – The gravikord is an electronic double harp instrument invented by Robert Grawi in 1986. It is a modern 24 string instrument made up of with the stainless steel tubing. You must have full control over them while playing to get the desired sound.

Gravikord f

These are the most popular and common ones that we know of. More instruments may be found on Global Music, an online musical instrument supplier in the Philippines. Happy Halloween!

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tire Puncture Sealant

Tire punctures can be very frustrating and make its presence known at most misfortune times. You don’t always get the opportunity to go to a service centre or a tire store to get a new tire. Also, sometimes it may happen that you might not need to change the tires. In such cases, tire sealant works wonders. Tire puncture sealant can be used to quickly and easily repair a flat without changing the tire. These products come in a pressurized can. Of course, there are several advantages to the usage of tire puncture sealant, but sometimes there are also some potential disadvantages that can cause you more stress.

The Advantages of Tire Puncture Sealant

Using a canned tire puncture sealant is very easy and convenient. All you need to do is attach the nozzle of the can to the tire valve stem. This releases the contents of the can and is pushed towards the puncture, thereby sealing it properly. This process takes hardly one-two minute and you can easily continue to drive without taking out the tire. For people who do not want to take the time to put on a spare tire, or whose car does not have a spare, this tire sealant comes very handy. These tire sealants are also quite reasonable in terms of price.


The Disadvantages of Tire Puncture Sealant

As much there are some advantages there are also some disadvantages of using these tire sealants. They do not permanently repair the tire. You would still need to give it a traditional patch or at the end replace the tire if needed, for long term use. A good tire store will always recommend you to not use tire sealants too many times on the same tire. Some hazardous chemicals are present in these sealants, which can turn out to time-consuming while removing it. Nowadays most companies are trying to use water-soluble solutions in place of chemicals to aid in the removal of the product before performing a patch.

Another disadvantage of the use of a sealant is that it can create a high-pressure environment inside of the tire. This can be hazardous for the person repairing the tire. Also, using a sealant could also nullify the warranty on your tire. So, be sure to examine the details of your warranty before you use any sealant on the tire.

So, now that you know both the advantages and disadvantages of tire puncture sealant use it at your own risk. But sometimes in rare cases, if you don’t have a spare tire you can always make an exception. Otherwise, always make sure to get a good quality tire from your tire store.

Marriage Anniversary Gifts For Your Dearest Husband

A marriage unites two souls into one forever. Marriage anniversary presents are a small gesture to manifest your love for your life partner. An anniversary day is special and needs extra-special preparations because it is the day when you get another reason to shower your hubby with maximum love.

Here we have compiled a list of best anniversary presents that will make your husband feel loved and impressed. We have also discussed personalized gift ideas that you can avail from any good printing services provider in Philippines. So let’s find an amazing anniversary present for your husband:


  • Custom T-shirts: You can never go wrong with a cool personalized T-shirt, isn’t it? Husbands play a variety of roles like they become fathers and protectors of their families. Here’s an awesome giftable T-shirt to buy for your man from a digital printing business.

stylish wallet

  • Stylish Wallet: Let’s agree to the fact that men carry the same wallet for decades. So, a smart wallet is a good choice for an anniversary present.

Men grooming kits

  • Men’s Grooming Kit: Be it male or female, everyone deserves to look their best. Get your husband a grooming kit so that always looks smart and confident.


  • Hand-knitted Sweater: A sweater that’s knitted with your own hands is surely going to be your partner’s favourite one. Gift your man a cozy sweater and it’s a bet he would highly appreciate it.

hobby gifts

  • Hobby Gifts: If your husband has a particular hobby then gifting something related to his hobby is a smart solution. For instance, if he loves to play video games, buy the latest model of PlayStation. If he’s a gym freak, get him a durable gym bag and if he is a melophile, well then a musical instrument of his choice is a better option.


  • Personalized Mugs: Husbands are special and not just anyone can be a husband. This personalized mug perfectly shows that so do avail this mug from a good printing services supplier in Philippines.

delicious food

  • Delicious food: An appetizing meal completes the day so cook your husband’s favourite dishes on that day and enjoy a good time together. After all, a perfect meal is a perfect gift. Bon appétit!

So, we hope you liked our list of marriage anniversary gift ideas for your beloved hubby. If you are in the lookout for personalized gifts, consider your quest over, because various digital printing businesses offer a varied range of individualized products on demand.

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7 Factors To Consider Before Buying Tires For Your Car

Wheels are an important part of your car as they are directly associated with the road. Good tires ensure a buttery smooth ride and also provide safety to the driver and passengers inside the car. If you have the right set of wheels, you not only get better car rides but also avoid wastage of fuel. So, make sure you buy your car tires from trusted tire store because a good tire always goes a long way. Replacing your wheels is a part of your car maintenance and you should do it without fail. Before buying tires, check for these factors as follows:

Manufacturing Date

Manufacturing Date

Check your tire’s manufacturing date before buying them. Many shops sell old tires that are decades old and can prove risky for your car.

Tread Design

tire (2)

Choose the tread style you want in your tire. Be it symmetrical, asymmetrical or directional, different tread cater to different requirements. However, the most common tread pattern is the symmetrical one. If you are not sure, which one to buy, take the help of tire store that will give you the best tread wear suitable for your car. Your tire determines the functioning of your tread and also helps in giving your car the best speed.

Size Of The Tire

tire label

Get tires that are of the correct size for your car. Take reference from the original tire size that came along with your car.

Weather Conditions


Take the weather of your region in account before buying wheels. All-seasonal tires are good for average weather conditions. Go for snow-tires if you live in an area that experiences snowfall.

Tire’s Speed And Noise

tire (4).png

Check the speed rating of your tire. If you like to drive fast go for tires with a high-speed rating. Go for tires that produce low or almost no noise.

Road Preference

tire (1)

Ask yourself whether you mostly drive on highways or uneven roads. Choose tires as per your driving style. Choose off-road tires if you are going to drive a lot on rough and uneven roads.

Tire’s Durability

tire image.png

Tires you are buying should be durable and reliable. Don’t go for cheap tires to save money as it will not work for you in the long run. Get good tires from a good tire store as per your taste.

Thus, buying new tires for your car is not as difficult as you think. You just need to keep the above-mentioned factors in mind before buying the right set of wheels for your precious car.

3 Best Cars For Road Trips That Have Off-Road Tires

Road trips are always fun. Going out on the road with your friends or family for the weekend is always a welcoming change after a busy week. So, having a good and appropriate car is very important. When you are on a road trip, not all the roads always happen to be good. Off-road tires come in handy during this time. The type of car you want to choose should also depend on how many family members are accompanying you.

Dodge Durango

DodgeIt is a very spacious, quiet, and comfortable car that has both workhorse utility with a lot of comforts. It is a lot like Jeep Grand Cherokee but is longer and has a third-row seat. If you are going on a road trip with 6-7 people, this car would be good for you. The eight-speed automatic has improved the car’s performance and fuel economy with both the V6 and V8 engines. The Uconnect 8.4-inch infotainment system is one of the best in this car. There is a lot of room for cargo, and it can tow 1,000 to 2,000 pounds more than its competitors. All in all, it is an efficient car.

Honda Accord

Honda AccordThe Honda Accord is well-equipped and priced accordingly making it one of the top-rated family sedans. It has a spacious and well-finished interior and has a base four-cylinder engine that gives 30 mpg. For driving perfectionists, the Accord still offers a stick-shift. The V6 is lively and refined and gives 26 mpg overall. For families with older kids, it has been seen that the rear seat is supportive and comfortable for two passengers, but tight for three adults. So this car would be perfect only if you have a family of 4.

Subaru Outback

SubaruIt is an alternative to the SUV. The Subaru Outback wagon is roomy, functional, and appeals to the practical-minded buyer. It rides very comfortably. The four-cylinder gives 24 mpg overall and drives through a standard continuously variable transmission. Opting for the six-cylinder makes the car quicker, quieter which can be relaxing for long drives. The wagon’s generous rear seat is roomy enough for three adults. The cargo area has a lot of room and low loading height. So, if you have a lot of luggage for this trip, it won’t be a problem. You can take 5 more people with you on this trip.

Someone has rightly said ‘the more, the merrier’ as road trips are always more fun if you travel with more people. These cars have the best features and good for when traveling with more than 4-5 people.

Ever Wondered Why Tires Are Always Black In Color: Here’s Why?

Black is a color which except mostly our clothes we don’t usually use it very much. You would rarely ever see anyone go to a furniture store and say they need a black sofa. Yet, tires are something that always comes in black. There aren’t any tire supplier who will give you color options on tires. But, it is not something that has been chosen randomly. There is a reason as to why all tires are black in color.

Car Tire

The very first tires that were made were in fact white in color as the color of the rubber is white in color. But, there aren’t any white tires around anymore. The black color we see on tires was originally caused by soot. It was said that the soot increases the durability of the tires along with the cotton threads. These threads were inserted to reduce heat and increase stability.

But, that’s not the case nowadays. There is an entirely different manufacturing process for tires. The black tires that we see today are the chemical compound ‘carbon black’. This is used as a stabilizing chemical along with other polymers to create the tread compound of a tire. When it is added to the rubber, it increases the strength and durability of a tire, which we all know that these two qualities are most important for every tire supplier. The main thing carbon black does is to distribute the heat away from those parts of the tire that tend to get very hot while driving, which is mostly the treads and belt area. By doing this, it maintains the quality of tire and expands the lifespan of tires by protecting them from UV light and ozone.

Car Tire

Apart from strength and durability, black tires also affect the safety of your driving. If you have stronger and longer-lasting tires, you are more likely to have a more reliable drive. Tires are the most important part of your car as they can affect almost every factor of driving from handling and acceleration to braking and ride comfort.

If we talk about how they look black may be considered monotonous, but they are certainly easier to clean. This is why they are more practical than the white wall tires or fully white tires. These were sometimes used on more luxurious, particularly on classic cars.

So as much as novelty cars with colorful tires are great to look at, they are certainly not suitable for daily driving. So, next time when you go to a tire store, even if you do get color options on tires always choose black tires.

Which Tire Is Perfect For Your Car?- A Guide For Car Owners

Purchasing new tires can be confusing. What does each one of those numbers mean? Would it be a good idea for you to go with winter tires or all-season? How would you know when you need new ones? Dealing with your tires and maintaining them can help the life of your tires, however, in the end, you’ll require another set. In such a case, you would need a great tire store to buy your new set of tires. Once you reach your tire store you need to decide which type of tire will be perfect for your car. We have comprised all such types of tires in brief for your understanding.

All-Season TiresATREZZO-SH406-1

All season tires are suitable for luxury passenger cars. It is designed for good comfort while driving in any season on the highway. Although it doesn’t perform well in dirt and snow, it has circumferential grooves and a symmetrical tread pattern perfect for wet roads during monsoon as well.

Summer or Winter TiresHAULER-ST0

Summer tires are designed for wet and dry conditions. They are not intended for all-seasons. They are upgraded for warm climates. Summer tires, for the most part, include strong contact patches, sufficient circumferential depressions for hydroplaning obstruction, and next to zero siping. They are perfect for driving vehicles in hotter atmospheres. On the other hand, Winter tires are intended for cruel winter conditions beneath 45 degrees. Winter tires highlight substantial siping and profound circumferential furrows that work to remove snow. The two principle winter tire types are studded and non-studded. Studded winter tires have little metal studs, or sticks, that are designed to drive on frosty driving surfaces. They are suggested to be used in the harshest of winter conditions. Non-studded winter tires are exactly like studded winter tires, aside from the studs. They are intended for an extraordinary grip in winter conditions and on ice.

All-Terrain TiresTERRAMAX-AT-1.jpg

Off-road tires have a more aggressive track design than expressway or trail tires. They have bigger track squares and more voids, which give good grip on rough terrain. They are intended to deal with rock, sand, and light mud. A lot of people appreciate off-road tires since they have an increasingly aggressive look along with comfort, longevity, and minimal noise.

Performance TiresATREZZO-ECO-1

They have bigger circumferential and horizontal grooves, for wet climate conditions. They additionally have fairly dense siping and silica enriched tread compounds, for better hold in any weather.

When you go to a tire store choose your tire wisely, depending on where you are going to drive your car.

5 Essentials You Must Pack For Your Road Trip

Road trips can be fun and adventurous, whether you go with your family or friends. It is a great way to see those parts of the country where normal public transport won’t take you. You can pack as much as you want to make your trip comfortable. If you are on a long vacation, you don’t need to follow an exact schedule. Exploring places with ample time allows you to find those hidden secret spots, where not many people go to. But in order to do that without any hindrances, there are certain things that you should definitely do. Like, servicing your car before the trip. If needed don’t forget to change your tire from your tire supplier. There are also some essentials which must be packed for your road trip.

st fbCar Documents

Don’t ever leave your home without these documents. Your license and registration are very important once you leave your hometown. You don’t know where you might get stuck and need your identification.

Spare Tire

This is most important in the checklist. Do not forget to take a spare tire or two, with you. If you already have a spare tire in your car, then make sure to check the condition of the tire. Also, you can use off-road tires if you are going on a safari.

Snacks And Water

If you are familiar with road trips, you probably know that the only food that is available is snacks and fast foods. Until and unless you are crossing through a city or reach a city you probably won’t get good food. So it makes sense to pack enough snacks to last you the whole trip. At least pack enough to last you until you reach a city. Along with snacks, take small water coolers with you. If you are going to an unknown place, you don’t know where drinkable water will be available. Instead of carrying a lot of water bottles, you can take 1-2 small water coolers with you.

Extra Fuel

Going on a long road trip? Taking extra fuel can be beneficial. But take precaution too like, use a strong can with a tight seal and not any old bottles. Try not to leave it in the vehicle when you make a stop and add an extinguisher along with it. If you are traveling through remote areas, don’t miss any petrol pumps. If you miss one, you may end up stranded in those remote places.

First Aid Kit

Injuries can happen anytime anywhere. Packing a first aid kit is a must, especially if you are traveling with kids. Also, include some essential medicines in the first aid kit.

Make sure to pack these essentials and have a happy journey.

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