Everything You Need To Know About Safety Glasses For Eye Protection

Eye injuries can happen anytime anywhere if not taken care of properly. But most accidental eye injuries occur in construction workplaces. Such eye injuries happen due to falling objects, flying particles, and sometimes due to coming in direct contact with chemical compounds while working.

Even when executing DIY tasks at your home, your eyes can be at high risk if not taken proper eye protection. It may be professional work at an industrial workplace or a casual DIY task at your home, in order to protect your eyes from any kind of hazards, you must put on safety glasses or safety goggles.

Let Omaga Safety Supply, an advanced supplier of PPE kits in the Philippines reveal each and every detail of information that you must know about safety glasses.

How do safety glasses protect the eyes?

As the safety glasses are regarded to be part of Personal Protective Equipment, these are super effective for providing protection to the eyes of the workers.

Let us inform you at first that the safety glasses are not the same as the usual glass. Safety glasses have some extra safety features like an eye seal, nose guard, headband, etc. The high strength of such safety glasses provides entire protection to the eyes from falling objects and flying debris.

What are the various types of safety glasses?  

There are so many varieties if you explore safety glasses. Here we will discuss some of them.

Safety glasses with prescription and non-prescription:

Not everyone has equal eyesight. People who have normal eye power can go for non-prescription safety glasses. On the other hand, people who have any issue with their eyesight should wear safety glasses according to the doctor’s prescription.


Goggles are generally a bit bigger than the other types of eye protectors. Goggles seal the area of the eyes and prevent dust and chemical compounds.

Special eye protections:

These special eye protections are generally attached to the helmets and face shields.

Safety Glasses for Eye Protection

What are the different lens colors of safety goggles?

Choosing a suitable lens tint is very much necessary for an employee.

Clear lens:

Clear or translucent lenses are ideal for working indoors.

Grey lens:

Grey or smoked lenses are provided to those who work under the sunlight. Because of this smoked lens, an employee can recognize all colors even in the effects of sunlight.

Amber lens:

A worker chooses to wear the amber lenses while working in low-lights. Working in low lights is not so good for the eyes. This is why amber lenses reduce the strain in the eyes and decrease other uneasiness.

Blue lens:

The blue lenses are best for those who work in yellow lights.

Mirror lens:

A reflective coating on the mirror lens does not allow extra light to enter the eyes.

Brown lens:

Generally, the outdoor workers use safety glasses with brown lenses.

Among these above-mentioned types of safety glasses along with the lenses, you need to choose what suits your work the most. 

Visit Omaga Safety Supply to purchase the best quality safety glasses at an affordable price. We are the most reviewed safety equipment supplier in the Philippines.

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