Which Tire Is Perfect For Your Car?- A Guide For Car Owners

Purchasing new tires can be confusing. What does each one of those numbers mean? Would it be a good idea for you to go with winter tires or all-season? How would you know when you need new ones? Dealing with your tires and maintaining them can help the life of your tires, however, in the end, you’ll require another set. In such a case, you would need a great tire store to buy your new set of tires. Once you reach your tire store you need to decide which type of tire will be perfect for your car. We have comprised all such types of tires in brief for your understanding.

All-Season TiresATREZZO-SH406-1

All season tires are suitable for luxury passenger cars. It is designed for good comfort while driving in any season on the highway. Although it doesn’t perform well in dirt and snow, it has circumferential grooves and a symmetrical tread pattern perfect for wet roads during monsoon as well.

Summer or Winter TiresHAULER-ST0

Summer tires are designed for wet and dry conditions. They are not intended for all-seasons. They are upgraded for warm climates. Summer tires, for the most part, include strong contact patches, sufficient circumferential depressions for hydroplaning obstruction, and next to zero siping. They are perfect for driving vehicles in hotter atmospheres. On the other hand, Winter tires are intended for cruel winter conditions beneath 45 degrees. Winter tires highlight substantial siping and profound circumferential furrows that work to remove snow. The two principle winter tire types are studded and non-studded. Studded winter tires have little metal studs, or sticks, that are designed to drive on frosty driving surfaces. They are suggested to be used in the harshest of winter conditions. Non-studded winter tires are exactly like studded winter tires, aside from the studs. They are intended for an extraordinary grip in winter conditions and on ice.

All-Terrain TiresTERRAMAX-AT-1.jpg

Off-road tires have a more aggressive track design than expressway or trail tires. They have bigger track squares and more voids, which give good grip on rough terrain. They are intended to deal with rock, sand, and light mud. A lot of people appreciate off-road tires since they have an increasingly aggressive look along with comfort, longevity, and minimal noise.

Performance TiresATREZZO-ECO-1

They have bigger circumferential and horizontal grooves, for wet climate conditions. They additionally have fairly dense siping and silica enriched tread compounds, for better hold in any weather.

When you go to a tire store choose your tire wisely, depending on where you are going to drive your car.


5 Essentials You Must Pack For Your Road Trip

Road trips can be fun and adventurous, whether you go with your family or friends. It is a great way to see those parts of the country where normal public transport won’t take you. You can pack as much as you want to make your trip comfortable. If you are on a long vacation, you don’t need to follow an exact schedule. Exploring places with ample time allows you to find those hidden secret spots, where not many people go to. But in order to do that without any hindrances, there are certain things that you should definitely do. Like, servicing your car before the trip. If needed don’t forget to change your tire from your tire supplier. There are also some essentials which must be packed for your road trip.

st fbCar Documents

Don’t ever leave your home without these documents. Your license and registration are very important once you leave your hometown. You don’t know where you might get stuck and need your identification.

Spare Tire

This is most important in the checklist. Do not forget to take a spare tire or two, with you. If you already have a spare tire in your car, then make sure to check the condition of the tire. Also, you can use off-road tires if you are going on a safari.

Snacks And Water

If you are familiar with road trips, you probably know that the only food that is available is snacks and fast foods. Until and unless you are crossing through a city or reach a city you probably won’t get good food. So it makes sense to pack enough snacks to last you the whole trip. At least pack enough to last you until you reach a city. Along with snacks, take small water coolers with you. If you are going to an unknown place, you don’t know where drinkable water will be available. Instead of carrying a lot of water bottles, you can take 1-2 small water coolers with you.

Extra Fuel

Going on a long road trip? Taking extra fuel can be beneficial. But take precaution too like, use a strong can with a tight seal and not any old bottles. Try not to leave it in the vehicle when you make a stop and add an extinguisher along with it. If you are traveling through remote areas, don’t miss any petrol pumps. If you miss one, you may end up stranded in those remote places.

First Aid Kit

Injuries can happen anytime anywhere. Packing a first aid kit is a must, especially if you are traveling with kids. Also, include some essential medicines in the first aid kit.

Make sure to pack these essentials and have a happy journey.

6 Tips To Pick Your Best Tire Store

The majority of us don’t really think about our vehicle’s tires until it we come across flat tires. A well-chosen and maintained tire can contribute significantly to your safety, fuel economy, better handling in all street conditions as well as better ride quality. Choosing the best tires stores in the Philippines can be really confusing with literally several tire brands available, in a wide range of styles, development, making, cost, etc. To make the choice procedure simpler and effective here are some tips on what to look for in a tire store.


First and foremost, you need to check is if the store is authentic. To check authenticity, you can do proper market research. Ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations. You can also check for opinions or reviews online and compare among the stores. Make sure that the products available are not fake.

Convenience to the store

See if the store you want to choose is close to your home or not. If it is close to your home, it will be easy and less time consuming to drive your car to and fro.


Quality and authenticity go hand-in-hand. Most of the time, if a tire store is authentic, then it is presumed that the quality of their product will be good too. But it would still be better to do a quality check of whichever tire you want to buy. The easiest way to do is to research about the overall quality of products available in the store.

Types of Products

Whenever we go shopping for anything, we like having different options for one single product. Always check while choosing your store that you get different options for your tire. In case you want season special tire, all-terrain, or mud-terrain tire, make sure the store has them, before you show up in the store for purchase.


Budget is always an important factor for all kinds of purchases. Inquire about the overall prices of all products and compare the prices of all the stores. You can also find stores that provide tires for sales.


If the store is authentic then they must provide you a warranty for your products for a reasonable period.

Whether you are much in top road trips or not, a personal car always needs proper maintenance. Tires are one of the most essential parts of it. Whether it is a tire puncture or just some usual air pressure problem in tires you always need to take utmost care while choosing your tire and the tire store you are buying it from.

How To Celebrate World Music Day In The Philippines?

celebrate World Music Day in the Philippines

The World Music Day is celebrated every year on June 21 in more than 1000 cities in 120 countries including France, the country where it was originated in the year 1982. It is popularly known as Fete de la Musique means festival of music to honour both amateur and professional musicians. The first Fete de la Musique was held on the streets of Paris and became a huge success within a few years only. The idea was conceived in the 1970s by an American musician Joel Cohen who was working for a French radio station and wanted bands to play on the evening of June 21 to welcome the first day of summer. And it was finally adopted in France’s Ministry of Culture in 1982. The year 1985 was celebrated as the European Year of Music and in 1997, the European Party of Music charter was signed in Budapest that encouraged other countries outside Europe to join the annual celebrations of World Music Day. Filipinos are not behind the celebration and participate with full energy and big enthusiasm every year.

Global Music supports the celebration of World Music Day in a great way. There are many different ways to celebrate this historic day depending on an individual’s preferences. It’s a day where live music is performed all over the world including the Philippines. Every street corner, parks, cafes, restaurants, storefronts, bars, pubs, rooftops, gardens, etc. Have some good music playing. Everyone is invited in these music festivals whether you are a lover or no lover of music. People join and play music, simply enjoy listening or host music performances, its all up to you. People share music with friends, families, neighbours and even strangers at these music festivals. It simply unites them all without differentiating between caste, creed or religion.

Some prefer to keep it simple and not adventurous. They prefer to spend the day listening to their old favourite. They like to explore music from different cultures on YouTube. It is the most comfortable and relaxing way to celebrate the day of Music without burning a big hole in the pocket. To make it more interesting, pick up your favourite instrument and start adding your own voice to the choir and enjoy. To buy the best musical instrument online in the Philippines, explore Global Music. Global Music is the online music instruments store that sells a variety of musical instruments and its accessories for all the amateur and professional musicians at a reasonable price.

How To Compose An Emotional Father’s Day Song ?

We are fast approaching Fathers Day and it is a perfect day to show your father that you love and care for him as nobody else does. If you are a musician and the best way to show your feeling is through a Father’s Day song composed by you. A meaningful and emotional song will leave him stunned with a feeling of luckiest parent in the world. Buy a guitar from Global Music, an online music store in the Philippines and play it alongside while singing it out to your father.

Decide on the emotion of the song such as desire, love, despair, etc. Choose an overwhelming and strong emotion focusing on the past experiences or events you can associate with. Think about memory and your feelings at that time. You can make a list of emotions such as freedom, care, loneliness, friendship, love, fear, etc.

Write the topic at the center of the page. Then start writing the list of words about the chosen topic that you can put into the song. Explore the list of vocabulary and try to use descriptive and detailed phrases.

Listen to the best songs dedicated to the fathers such as ‘Daddy Lessons’ by Beyonce, ‘Just the Two of Us’ by Will Smith, ‘My Little Girl’ by Tim McGraw, ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ by Madonna, ‘Daddy’s Hands’ by Holly Dun and so on.

Write a meaningful chorus that should not be more than seven to eight lines long. The same lines in the chorus are usually repeated at least once or twice. Do not forget to include emotion in the chorus and keep it short, simple and powerful. Focus on a particular emotion or feeling. Select word and phrases that are unique and do not fall into cliché.

Add a bridge to the song to make it more emotional. Use a different melody than the verse and the chorus. It should sound different and extra feelings towards your dad.

Once you have all the pieces of the song ready, put it together in a standard song structure. The typical structure is verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus.

Lastly, add a nice title to the song. Try to use words from the chorus for the title. Once it is prepared, revise the song when alone and practice it well for the final performance. Surprise your dad on Father’s Day and show him how much you love and care for him. Best of Luck!

6 Best Car Accessories And Gadgets For Road-Trips

A never ending road trips or the best car accessories? If both, then you should check out these gadgets and accessories which you will need the most for your road trips.

I’m sure the best tire shop will provide you the best tire for a smooth run, but when it comes to gadgets and accessories you should avail the best one for your car. A touch of modernity and modern functionality can be crucial for your safety and comfort along the way.

1. Heads Up Display (HUD)

Heads up display is the best car accessories nowadays. It can easily turn any smartphone into heads up display. It supports Android and iOS platform and helps to receive a call, texts, and control the music. This accessory will also help you to have safe driving on the road. 

Untitled design (42)

2. Tire Safety Monitor

This is a must-have car gadget for your car! It will help you to track the tire pressure through your mobile phone. It also detects slow leaks on tires on time and it has an anti-theft locking system and a USB port to charge other devices.

We want to tire safety more than anything while driving. It is recommended that a Cheap Tires Shop will provide you the best tire at a minimum price. The best tires along with the tire safety monitor will provide you extra security. 

Untitled design (43)

3. Rooftop Cargo

Ah, this will come in handy when you are out with your family. Easy to install, and have the best feature when it comes to looking and qualities. Will accommodate all of your family belongings. So, be the first one to buy this!  

Untitled design (44)

4. Tray & Storage Bean

This tray and storage bean will help you to eat while you are driving. This will come handy if you spend a lot of time in the car.  

Untitled design (45)

5. Back Seat Organizer

Out for a long day trip? A back seat organizer will help you to have the best outing by keeping all your accessories together in the back seat. Starting from keeping the mobile phone to end up with a water bottle. It has a total of 9 small and big pockets, which save your accessories from falling and protects from scratches.  

Untitled design (46)

6. Vehicle Desk

Left presentation to complete? No worries, install a vehicle desk, which is ideal for holding a laptop. Vehicle desks are also ideal for writing and eating and holding a small tablet. 

Untitled design (47)

Fascinated by these all car accessories? Install them in your car and get the best facility. We will come back with more next time. Stay tuned.

The Effect of Music Therapy on Anxiety and Depression

Have you heard of music therapy? It has become a common practice nowadays to treat different health condition of a patient. It is extremely effective at providing natural anxiety relief and also treats depression. Let us find out how?

Most of us would agree that listening to music is a pleasant, relaxing and mind boosting experience. It has a positive impact on our body and brain and that is why it is being used widely in medical settings in a variety of ways such as natural anxiety relief, depression treatment, heart diseases, and even cancer treatment. This is popularly known as Music Therapy. There are certified music therapists who are well trained to use music as a healer to a patient’s psychological and physical well being. The main activities involve listening to, performing, improvising or composing music, either alone or in a group or alongside the therapist. Music can also be combined with other methods such as movement, art or imagery. There are mainly two kinds of music therapy- active and passive. An active music therapy refers to one on one interaction between the therapist and the patient. On the other hand, passive music therapy means the patient is at rest and listening to the therapist.

In general, music has the power to shift your focus away from an uncomfortable or stressful situation to a pleasant, soothing and relaxing one. Indirectly, it serves as a distraction. This is the reason why we listen to music while working, doing household chores, driving, exercising, jogging, and even when relaxing at home. In fact, music is also used by health professionals to provide natural anxiety relief during certain procedures such as surgery, chemotherapy, mammograms or blood tests. It effectively reduces pain and anxiety in children while undergoing common paediatric treatments such as immunizations or blood draws.

In general too, if you are suffering from anxiety, try the music therapy on your own. Turn on your favourite music or meditate while playing soft music and see the difference. This will calm you down and you will start to feel relaxed and sleepy. Buy your favourite musical instrument from a good online music store in the Philippines and start to play it whenever you are feeling low. It will instantly lift your mood and you will start to feel better and positive in life. Try it out to bring a positive difference in your life.

5 Ways To Keep Your Tires Last Longer

From the grocery store to vehicles store, today we all search for ways to save money. When it comes to vehicles, we all want to spend much to get the best quality. Starting from visiting a good Tires Store to end up with buying various accessories. These are all important for our vehicles. But have you thought about car tires and keep it last longer without changing them frequently?

We are here to point out some ways for you to keep your tires last longer. Let’s find out-

#Have A Gentle Drive:

Be gentle with your steering, brakes, and accelerator while driving. Nowadays every driver is a racy one. So they don’t want to keep it slow. No matter what if he is in a hurry or just want to show stunts. But believe us, aggressive acceleration, pulling brakes suddenly, speeding and rotate the steering forcefully, are not good for your vehicle’s tires and it won’t last if you torture them like this.

It increases the stress on the tires and damage tires very soon. So stay in control while driving. Your tires will last longer.

#Pay Attention On The Road:

This is also an important part of keeping the tires safe and long. Be careful on the road surface while you drive. Stay out of potholes, and uneven roads and pay attention to the obstacle when parking. Pay attention to these small things and keep your tires safe and extend the lifespan of the tires.

#Inflate Your Tires:

Proper inflation is important for the tires. It saves the tires from blowout and extends the tire life. If your vehicle’s tires are underinflated, it increases the tires heat and the result of a flat tire. Overinflated tires are also the result of flat tires due to excess pressure. Make sure your tires are properly inflated on time.

#Get A Wheel Alignment:

Wheel alignment is another part of prolonging tires lives. Without alignment, your car treads will wear out soon and make your tires weaker. Choose the best Tires Store and give your wheels a proper alignment.

#Rotate Your Tires:

Rotate your tires at least every 5000km. Rotation saves your vehicle tires from wearing and save your money. Usually, the front tires get to wear more quickly than the rear tires. The everyday rotation will longer the tire life and save your money.

NOTE: Take a note on loading. To keep the tires safe, do not overload your car trunk and roof with heavy materials. Choose a Cheap Tires Store, where you can get the best quality tires without spending a huge amount of money.

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