The Effect of Music Therapy on Anxiety and Depression

Have you heard of music therapy? It has become a common practice nowadays to treat different health condition of a patient. It is extremely effective at providing natural anxiety relief and also treats depression. Let us find out how?

Most of us would agree that listening to music is a pleasant, relaxing and mind boosting experience. It has a positive impact on our body and brain and that is why it is being used widely in medical settings in a variety of ways such as natural anxiety relief, depression treatment, heart diseases, and even cancer treatment. This is popularly known as Music Therapy. There are certified music therapists who are well trained to use music as a healer to a patient’s psychological and physical well being. The main activities involve listening to, performing, improvising or composing music, either alone or in a group or alongside the therapist. Music can also be combined with other methods such as movement, art or imagery. There are mainly two kinds of music therapy- active and passive. An active music therapy refers to one on one interaction between the therapist and the patient. On the other hand, passive music therapy means the patient is at rest and listening to the therapist.

In general, music has the power to shift your focus away from an uncomfortable or stressful situation to a pleasant, soothing and relaxing one. Indirectly, it serves as a distraction. This is the reason why we listen to music while working, doing household chores, driving, exercising, jogging, and even when relaxing at home. In fact, music is also used by health professionals to provide natural anxiety relief during certain procedures such as surgery, chemotherapy, mammograms or blood tests. It effectively reduces pain and anxiety in children while undergoing common paediatric treatments such as immunizations or blood draws.

In general too, if you are suffering from anxiety, try the music therapy on your own. Turn on your favourite music or meditate while playing soft music and see the difference. This will calm you down and you will start to feel relaxed and sleepy. Buy your favourite musical instrument from a good online music store in the Philippines and start to play it whenever you are feeling low. It will instantly lift your mood and you will start to feel better and positive in life. Try it out to bring a positive difference in your life.


5 Ways To Keep Your Tires Last Longer

From the grocery store to vehicles store, today we all search for ways to save money. When it comes to vehicles, we all want to spend much to get the best quality. Starting from visiting a good Tires Store to end up with buying various accessories. These are all important for our vehicles. But have you thought about car tires and keep it last longer without changing them frequently?

We are here to point out some ways for you to keep your tires last longer. Let’s find out-

#Have A Gentle Drive:

Be gentle with your steering, brakes, and accelerator while driving. Nowadays every driver is a racy one. So they don’t want to keep it slow. No matter what if he is in a hurry or just want to show stunts. But believe us, aggressive acceleration, pulling brakes suddenly, speeding and rotate the steering forcefully, are not good for your vehicle’s tires and it won’t last if you torture them like this.

It increases the stress on the tires and damage tires very soon. So stay in control while driving. Your tires will last longer.

#Pay Attention On The Road:

This is also an important part of keeping the tires safe and long. Be careful on the road surface while you drive. Stay out of potholes, and uneven roads and pay attention to the obstacle when parking. Pay attention to these small things and keep your tires safe and extend the lifespan of the tires.

#Inflate Your Tires:

Proper inflation is important for the tires. It saves the tires from blowout and extends the tire life. If your vehicle’s tires are underinflated, it increases the tires heat and the result of a flat tire. Overinflated tires are also the result of flat tires due to excess pressure. Make sure your tires are properly inflated on time.

#Get A Wheel Alignment:

Wheel alignment is another part of prolonging tires lives. Without alignment, your car treads will wear out soon and make your tires weaker. Choose the best Tires Store and give your wheels a proper alignment.

#Rotate Your Tires:

Rotate your tires at least every 5000km. Rotation saves your vehicle tires from wearing and save your money. Usually, the front tires get to wear more quickly than the rear tires. The everyday rotation will longer the tire life and save your money.

NOTE: Take a note on loading. To keep the tires safe, do not overload your car trunk and roof with heavy materials. Choose a Cheap Tires Store, where you can get the best quality tires without spending a huge amount of money.


When it comes to ‘walking down the aisle’ it needs to look perfect and beautiful with a creative touch. Decorate the aisle perfectly is important for a Wedding Florist because all eyes will follow the bride to the altar, along with the camera lenses. If the aisle decoration does not match with the bride and groom’s personality then it’ll not look good in the still shots.

Here we are sharing the way to decorate the aisle beautifully.

1. Go green:

Try the traditional one decoration, with a greenery-bouquet. Tie up the bouquet with the pews. It will look not only traditional but it will give a fresh vibe!

2. Use rose petals:

Make your walk on the aisle dreamy by sprinkling multicoloured rose petals to the entire aisle-runner. It will be a perfect idea for an outdoor wedding, especially on the green field.

3. Pink rose, Baby’s breath, and Mason jar:

Line the aisle with Pink Rose and Baby’s breath bouquet putting together into a mason jar. Use white or pink ribbon to tie the jar with the pews. It will keep your flower fresh for a long time.

4. Candelabras:

Lined the aisle with large candelabras. Filled the top of the candelabras with Pink Rose, and Dahlias. It’ll give a classy look to the aisle.

5. Pedestal flower arrangement:

Make a vintage aisle line by arranging pedestal flowers. Choose flowers as per as your scheme. Pedestal arrangement will go best with an indoor wedding.

6. Tulle and Red Rose:

Decorate the aisle with a single red rose and white long tulle. Tie the middle edge of the rose with the tulle with a white ribbon. Bind the tulle at the upper edge of the pew and hang the entire tulle. This will also go for an indoor wedding.

7. Decorate with boxed blooms:

You can choose boxed blooms to decorate your aisle. Tie your boxes with satin ribbon (match colours with your flowers) and hang them from any long stand. It will go with an outdoor wedding.

Want to know more about wedding decorations? Or looking for a perfect Wedding Florist for your wedding? Te Amo is the answer to all of your questions. Visit us to see the wide range of flower we are offering.

We will make your wedding like you had the one in your dream!

Types Of Drivers You Meet In Every Street

Are you a lover of watching colourful cars sitting on the passenger seat or watching cars on the street while driving? If you are kind of both, then you surely notice the drivers activity regularly. Here are some drivers you find on road…

Types Of Drivers

1. Need For Speed Drivers:

I’m not sure if they joined road directly from the game, but I’m sure you can find them on street regularly. I think because of them the speed breakers and the speed limit have made. Also, they race with everyone who comes near them! Needless to say they always can tell about the best tire store around the corner.

2. Logy Drivers:

They are also called the slow one. They have the ability to keep themselves detached from other cars and always stuck behind. Do we hate them?

3. Grumpy Drivers:

They are known foras using slang and yelling on other drivers. They also break traffic rules in any way they can. They become angry whenever they get on the road.

4. Irritating Drivers:

Horn is their only companion, they hinge on their horn all the way travelling. More sound than motion.

5. Rock-on Drivers:

All sides windows are up, listening latest tunes in rockstar mode with his roaring vehicle. He can be a centre of attention on the street.

6. All way expert Drivers:

These drivers know how to pass other cars with their magic hand on the road! They can Can easily navigate though literately any terrain. They carry a couple of spare tires forma good tire store and a tool box in their carriage.

7. Silent Drivers:

They will speed up and make their presence abruptly near you without honking. this will make no sense to you. Also, they make a u-turn or any turn without any indicator sign.

8. Safe and Sound Drivers:

They keep themselves safe on the road, maintaining traffic rules, drive within limited speed, like a good boy driver. How do they do that?

Types of drivers

Are you one of them? Maybe you are one of them. Just a little reminder from us, don’t do anything that damage your life. ‘Safe drive, Save life’!

Perfect New Year’s Resolution Suggestions for Musicians

Musicians fall into the category of creative people as they are always looking out to improve their skills to reach the desired goals. We have welcomed 2019 with great enthusiasm and joy. Some of us have already set our New Year’s resolution and trying our best to follow and stick to them. Some are still working on it. This one is for both well established and aspiring musicians.

Practice More

Establish a practice routine this year and follow it rigorously. Pick a time of the day and do not let other commitments interfere. You should try to practice for 1.5 to 2 hours a day to improve upon your playing skill and you will definitely see significant changes after some days.

Create a Warm Up

It’s best to warm up before you start to practice. It could be in the form of dancing, breathing exercises, having a cup of coffee or something else. It’s up to you how you would like to warm yourself up get ready to practice with all your heart.

Take lessons

You are never too old or too your for taking music lessons even if you have mastered your instrument. A professional music teacher would help you learn new skills that will lead to significant improvement. The many benefits of having a music teacher are that he will troubleshoot problems, give you honest feedback of practice, open new doors to musical ideas, and help you stay committed.

Explore New Genres

You have played well the favourite musical tracks. This new year, try your fingers on something new and different that you haven’t before. Learn a new genre with your instrument or a new instrument altogether. Explore different music sites and new artists, you can definitely take help of your teacher.

Compose Original Music

This time, compose original music of your own instead of copying what others have composed. This will give a sense of confidence and satisfaction that you have never experienced before. You can create your own tribe with the best musical friends that you have.

Create your own website

Create a professional website of your own to keep all your recordings and original works in one place. This way you can make yourself live and let the world know about your musical creations. This will be worth every minute effort that you have taken, for sure. You can take ideas from the other online music store in the Philippines.

Let’s make it a musical year for yourself in a true sense.

Making The Right Choice For Tires Stores In Philippines

When it comes to taking care of our vehicles, we are heavily dependent on tires stores. Given the fact that there are numerous tires stores in Philippines, a car owner may face problems in choosing the best option. Though all of them claim that they are best in the business, the truth is that only a few stand out from the crowd. So, here is a quick checklist that will help you to make the right choice.

Tires store Philippines

Range of tires – The very first component that makes a tire store reliable is availability of different brands. A set of brands create various range segment for buyers. This gives them an option to compare and select the best in their available budget. Also, if the buyer already has a preference for a certain brand, then the same brand would also be available in the store.

After-sale service – There are not many who offer quality after-sale service. Most of the tire store only focus upon selling. However, the best would always take special care of its customer. A consider for after-sale service such as offering assistance in installation, a couple of free servicing of the tires, etc., wins the heart of the buyer and hence, long-term relationships are built.

Free tire check-up – Another distinctive feature is free tire check-up. Not all buyers are convinced that their tires need to be replaced with time. A free tire check-up helps them to determine the exact condition of their tire and if required, a new set of tires may be purchased and installed. On the other hand, it tires are fine, then there is no need to be bear any additional cost.

Availability – They say, ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’. Tire stores in Philippines who operate even in odd hours are more likely to be the choice of most car owners because it gives them a sense of confidence. Greater the availability hours, more is the chance of developing long-term relations with customers.

Tires store philippines

Thus, we find that though there are numerous tires stores in Philippines, there are only few who can meet all the necessary requirements of a car owner. By following the above-mentioned notes, one can find a reliable source who can offer long-term service to you and keep your car in good shape.

6 Must-Have Accessories For Every Road Trip

All set to go to the next adventure! Before you start uploading your Bon Voyage mission on your social media profile. Get ready with your perfect vehicle in the Philippines, preferably a heavy duty car with perfect threaded tires. However, there are a few things you should not forget these 6 accessories with every road trip. Of course, we are not listing camera and smartphones, as you are not likely to leave home, without these. So, check out the checklist, one by one-

1. Picnic Basket

Picnic basket

Adventure is incomplete without delicious food. So, remember to bring along food, water, and other beverages with you. Try to take a portable chimney with you, if possible to enjoy hot noodles by beautiful countryside.

2. Insect Repellent Creams

Repellent spray

You admire the beauty of the inhabited lands, and so does lots of insects and mosquitos. So, don’t forget your insect repellant cream at home. Apply them generously to skin that is exposed. Take adequate measures for your pet too, if you are taking them along.

3. Maps And Navigators

Maps & Navigator

In case you take a wrong turn, there is no neighborhood to guide towards the right path. It is quite easy to get lost in the wilderness. So, carry accurate navigation supplies. It is also wiser to take both electronic and on paper navigators, cause you might never know when the cellphone internet stops working.

4. Pepper Spray Or Stun Gun

pepper spray

In between your adventurous journeys, an encounter with a wild animal or other anti-social people is rare, as per statistics, but still, it is best to take preventive measures against it. Take a pepper spray or a stun gun to protect yourself and your loved ones, in case it comes to that.

5. Spare Tires

spare tire

It is quite challenging to guarantee against a flat tire while riding the wild road, isn’t it! So, carry a couple more spare tires for your heavy duty car. Needless to say, you need to carry along your toolbox and a little know-how for the same as well.

6. Flashlights And Flammables


Keeping the track of the daylight in the countryside is little more tricky. Thus, always carry battery backed up torches and having some dry woods and flame is good as well. You can stay warm and chase away wild animals during night time.

So, get ready for your upcoming adventure with full throttle.

Why Every Youth Needs A Bobby Backpack Today

The world is full of surprises and youth is the best time to explore it all. But sadly, amidst these wonders, there are many anti-social people who exploit people with theft. Getting a Bobby Backpack is a safety measure, every enthusiast youth need these days. Let’s understand it with the help of a case study.

Miss Darna Mendoza experienced something similar. Miss Mendoza is a college student in art major. She was preparing for an upcoming content. She was almost done with her work and had a couple of spare days. So, she finally said yes to backpacking along with 4 of her classmates in the nearby small town.

She was carrying her piece of work along with her. They stayed in a homestay along with any other young individuals. While taking a stroll in the neighborhood marathon, the friends had great fun. But after the race was over, they found two of them had been robbed while their bags were piled up in the storeroom. The bags were slit with a sharp razor and their wallets and cell phones were missing.

For Miss Mendoza, the loss was much more, as her bag also had her painting. The thieves didn’t exactly take her painting, but it was damaged due to their action. She was devasted and couldn’t submit her work on time. After that incident, she got her lesson. She then went for an anti-theft backpack. There were many options for the same, but she went with a bobby backpack from the house of Kabizko. It was due to a recommendation from one of her friends.

This new bag had every feature to ensure thieves can do no harm. The material is of superior quality and cannot be damaged with a knife or any other sharp objects. The bag was designed with many compartments. Thus, keeping many gadgets in the backpack was quite effortless and convenient. She was confident like never before. She keeps all her valuables in this backpack and also recommends other of her fellow students for the same.

In this world, where the incidents of theft and mugging are becoming more and more common the need for every youth to own an anti theft backpack is quite crucial. It not only adds a sense of fashion to them but also ensures their precious belongings stay safe.

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