8 Cute Couple Mug Ideas For Christmas!

Christmas is the time to spread love and celebrate with your loved ones. It is also the perfect time when you can spoil your significant other with amazing presents! In Philippines, Christmas is not a one-day affair, as we celebrate the festival as long as we can and if allowed we Filipino can celebrate Christmas round the year.

If you and your life partner love drinking tea and coffee, then couple mugs for Christmas can be preferred. You can get your own set of customized mugs from any good printing services supplier in Philippines. Here are some couple mug ideas to choose from, for Christmas’s Monito- Monita ceremony:

1. In a relationship, one is nice and sophisticated while another is naughty and cheeky! If your wife is the brazen one and you’re the well-mannered gentleman, then this couple mug idea is worth a purchase.

christmas 1

2. Though Christmas is a family event, your partner does not need to feel overlooked. You can try this couple mug design to show how much you cherish your sweetheart.

cute couple mug 2

3. Perfect for couples who banter almost every day! It will be interesting to watch who gets Santa’s present.

cute couple mug 3

4. Raise your hands if you like Snowman! So what if we don’t get snow in the Philippines during Christmas, we have this beautiful couple mug that surely reminds us of snow. If you and your beau love snow, then I believe you should get a Snowman-inspired couple mug as shown here.

cute couple mug 4

5. Imagine couple mugs with you and your partner’s names printed on them! Here’s an appropriate name-printed Christmassy couple mug for you. You can get custom names printed on them by any printing services centre.

cute couple mug 5

6. Kiss me, and you will see how important I am ~ Slyvia Plath. Yes, a lot can happen over a kiss! Kissing couple mugs are a wonderful choice for Christmas. Well, you can even get matching spoons with your kissing couple mugs. How cute, isn’t it!

christmas 6

7. If you and your partner are Purple Ronnie fans, then nothing can be a better Christmas gift than this customized Purple Ronnie couple mug for you and your better half!

cute couple mug 7

8. Ahem, ahem. For brazen couples, this beauty shown here is ideal! This couple mug is as bold as brass, if you like it, then get this set for your partner and yourself.

christmas 8Let’s hope you liked these 8 cute couple mug ideas for Christmas. You can get your customized design printed on them from any printing services solutions centre in Philippines.

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