6 ways to celebrate Christmas and New Year Eve in the Philippines

Christmas and New Year is that time of the year when families and friends gather to celebrate. It is believed that the Philippines has the longest Christmas season that begins from September itself and continues till New Year. Let’s discuss the six most popular ways to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s eve by the Filipinos.

1. Decorate the Christmas and New Year’s tree:

The Christmas celebration is incomplete without a well-decorated evergreen tree. And the same tree can be converted to a New Year’s tree later on. Some ideas to convert a Christmas tree to New Years’ tree are a balloon tree, tiara tree, tinsel tree, wish card tree, antique tree, party hat tree and so on.

Christmas tree with gift boxes

2. Eat Filipino Food:

Indulge in the Noche Buena feast on Christmas eve. Other traditional delicacies include pancit, eggs, biko, and so on. Of course, 12 round fruits that signify the twelve different months of the year for New Year’s eve cannot be forgotten. Avoid fish and chicken as these animals scrounge for food and are considered bad luck.


3. Toast with a Traditional Drink:

Christmas and New Year eve without refreshing drinks sounds boring. Indulge in the traditional Filipino drinks such as buko, salabat, lambanog, tuba, calamansi, samalamig, sago’t gulaman, kapeng barako and of course the word famous chilled beers.


4. Play good music:

Christmas or New Year celebration without music is beyond imagination. The musicians are in special demand on these occasions. So, if you are a novice musical instrument player and plan to show your hidden talent to the people around you. This is a perfect way of doing it. Buy a good quality musical instrument of your choice from the online musical instrument supplier in the Philippines and become a part of the band.


5. Give Gifts:

The spirit of giving and sharing gifts to friends and family is a very old tradition on Christmas as well as New Year. It is the most special way of showering love and showing respect to the young and elders. So, become the Santa of your loved one and shower them with the most appropriate gifts to make them feel special.


6. Pray:

Participate in the traditional Simbang Gabi (the nine-day devotional series of masses) in honour of the blesses Virgin Mary that starts from the 16th and ends on the 24th of December for Christmas. The Catholic family of Filipino starts the New Year with a prayer of trust in God’s providence and guidance for the New Year. It resembles a prayer of Thanksgiving to God for the family, health, guidance, friends and all other blessings that were bestowed upon us in the last year.

People praying in European church. Brezje, Slovenia

Wishing you Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


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