4 Things To Check Before Buying Tires For Sale In The Philippines

Expenses are always a problem in everyone’s life. We normally want to same money as much as we can whenever we are buying anything. This is why we always look for the word SALE wherever we go. All these various expenses also include tires. Whether a car owner wants to buy second-hand tires or brand new tires he or she will be more likely to buy tires for sale. Many manufacturers offer new and second-hand tires for sale in the Philippines at an affordable price, which comes with good quality. This is a good opportunity to grab some good tires for your car. If you are considering buying tires for sale, you need to look into several factors so that you can make sure you are not compromising on the quality.

Know The Age Of The Tire

Whether you are buying new tires or second-hand tires, before buying, must check the age of the tire. The manufacturing date is always stamped at the sidewalls. There you will see that will be four digits longer than the others. These extra digits provide with the manufacturing date of the tires. For example, if it shows 1218, it means 12th week of 2018. You should not buy a tire that is older than 5 years. Sometimes, it happens that even though it has not been used before, but it could be that the tire has been stored in the storage for a few years.

Size Of The Tires

Uneven Tire

Checking the size of the tire is very important for your vehicle. Check that these tires for sale fit perfectly with your car. If you want to replace one or two tires, make sure the used tires match with the original tires. The uneven tire can lose stability while driving and can cause an accident on the road.

Tread Depth Of The Tires

tread depth

Make sure you measure the tread depth of the tire. You can do the test with a coin. Put the coin upside-down into the tires groves. If you can see the coin head, that means the tire is bald. You should reject the tire. Try to do this all of the four tires. Even if it’s a new tire, there is no harm in checking the tread depth.

Price Of The Tire

Checking out the tires price is important. Sometimes, even tires for sale can ultimately cost you more. The age of the tire and its depth will tell you how long the tire will last. See if you save money buying used tires compared to the new one. Then see the money you are saving by buying them on sale and in the long run how much it is going to save your expenses.

Some good quality stores provide tires for sale in Philippines. But while buying them keep these points in mind.

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